Name Slovensko homeopatsko društvo
Name in English Slovenian Homeopathic Society
Short name SHD
Address Kališnikov trg 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
E-mail info@shd.si
Website www.shd.si
Twitter @SHD_si
VAT Number 32989148
Date of establishment May 6, 1992
Date of registration July 31, 1992
Bank Nova Ljubljanska banka, d. d., Ljubljana
Bank account IBAN SI56 0201 5025 6696 253


Executive Board of the Slovenian Homeopathic Society


President Ms Irena Gorišek, M.D.
Secretary General Mr Miloš Žužek, M.D.
Member Ms Špela Peternelj, M.D.

Delegates of Slovenia in the LMHI and the ECH


Ms Irena Gorišek, M.D. National Vice President for Slovenia in the LMHI             
Ms Irena Gorišek, M.D. Delegate of Slovenia in the Educational Subcommittee of the ECH
  Delegate of Slovenia in the Political Subcommittee of the ECH 


Former Presidents of the Slovenian Homeopathic Society


2008-                             Ms Irena Gorišek, M.D.                                                                     
2005-2008 Mr Živan Krevel, M.D.
2002-2005 Ms Irena Gorišek, M.D.
1992-2002 Ms Ana Reiter, M.D.


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